I have a story to tell you... as story that I wouldn't have told you just a few months ago... but I'm telling it now because it might help you (or someone you share this with) who might be facing some of the challenges that I was not too long ago.

My story starts a few years ago when I first decided to look at ways to make money online.

It was 2007 and I was selling cars at a Nissan dealership in Las Vegas - one of the top Nissan dealerships in the world.  I was getting tired of the long hours and endless push to sell car after car after car.  Sure, I made great money selling cars... but I had no life.

The typical car salesman works from 10 up to 16 hours a day, 5 to 7 days a week and I was one of them.  I would show up at 9am and sometimes I wouldn't leave until after midnight.  It was mind-numbing but I sold cars for over 7 years because I could make good money (what I thought was good money) and I really didn't know what else to do.


I wanted out badly... so badly that I would spend almost all of my time at home searching the internet for ways to make money online.


This ended up taking me down a couple of rabbit holes that resulted in no income at all for over 5 years.

I had tried building websites, blogs, doing different MLM deals and I even lost some money playing with those money-game scam deals that all crash after a short while.

Nothing seemed to work and my family was urging me to give it up.  I felt like my world was ending.  I had no life in me - no spark in my eyes.  I could only see a bleak future of droning on and on forever tied to someone's schedule for me while the company owner had the good life - lots of money and free time.

What I didn't realize then was that these feelings were the beginning of what drove me to make some real changes and stop "pretending" to be in business online.  I had some real hard talks with myself about what I really really wanted and what I would really accept as my reality.

I decided to give up, empty my cup and actually LISTEN to what my mentor was saying.  I dropped my MLM and everything else I was doing and I prepared for a reset.

It was like a switch that I flipped in my head... and while that could be a lesson all on its own... it's not the point I want to share with you here today.


You may have heard the saying that "when the student is ready, the teacher will appear"... well... it's absolutely true.


Just a short day or two after making my resolution to start over fresh and finally make money online... I got an email that changed my life... literally.

My mentor had been invited to a new money-making platform... sorta like a MLM deal but different in that instead of paying out tiny $4 to $8 monthly commissions like most MLM deals do (where you need thousands of people to make good money in), they paid out 100% commissions... and you made at least $25/month in residual commisisons per person on your payline... sometimes more.


This money-making platform was (and still is) the Empower Network... but this is not about the Empower Network or how awesome the products are or how you should just get in now and start making money with me.

This is actually about what hapened after I joined the Empower Network.


Needless to say I signed up right away, extremely excited about the prospect of earning 100% commissions - up to $125/month per person plus $500 one-time commissions (the Empower Network only had 3 products at the time).

I went nuts.  I was posting my links everywhere and learning as much as I could and I even sponsored someone on my 2nd day in... something I had failed to do in years in my MLM.  I was ecstatic to say the least.  I could finally see the end to my job trying to sell cars to people who think you're a "slimy car salesman" before they even get there.

Two weeks went by and I hadn't sponsored anyone else.  I was starting to get worried... I mean, after all... this was a hot new program that blew up the internet marketing community and I was seeing other people posting about having $4k paydays and insane amounts of signups... yet I was not getting anywhere... again.


Wherever You Go... There You Are.


Everything I had learned online before resulted in $0 earned... so why was I doing the same things I had done before?

Habit?  I think it was stubborness, perhaps...  See, I thought that because I had a much better offer than I did with any of my MLM's that I would succeed by doing the same things... but I was wrong.

Those 2 weeks were challenging.  I had just about given up before joining the Empower Network, and now here I was, about to give up again... but something different happened.

I looked back on what I had been through and I realized that if I wanted success, I would have to do something different... and radically so.

In fact, soon after realizing this and making some changes, I began to sponsor people at a rate of 4-10 people in a month!


What Did I Do Differently?


I humbled myself and started doing what the products I had just bought were telling me to do... believe it or not... and it wasn't that I just "did" them... it was that I changed my energy to a more positive state and I started allowing myself to actually believe it for the first time.

Dave Wood, one of the co-founders of the Empower Network, had a remarkable impact on me in this regard.  His training and coaching helped me shed the old skin a lot and really start getting down to the important stuff.

Well, several months went by and I was still sponsoring around 6 to 10 people per month.  I had stepped into a whole new world where I was finally making money online and I felt confident that I was going to keep moving up and up the charts.

I was even able to quit my job selling cars!  This was a tremendous occasion and to this day I have not needed a job because of what I earn online.

However... The story is far from over.

In fact, the real story starts now as I tell you how I fell out of prosperity and into a self-imposed depression that nearly got me to quit marketing altogether.

Why would I quit after finally seeing success after all of those hard years?


That's what happens when you give someone too much power all at once.


Once I was on a roll and sponsoring people every month into the Empower Network... I let that get to my head and I started promoting multiple business opportunities.

The Empower Network blogging platform (what you're reading this on now) is extremely powerful... and after finding out that I could rank my blog posts on the first page of Google... I started writing posts about every business opportunity that I thought I could rank for.

I decided that I would use my blog as a "menu" of sorts to sign people up into other opps if for whatever reason they didn't want to join me in the Empower Network... and it worked.

I built one team into the thousands... sponsoring 2-3 people a day at one point and hundreds in total... and in another opportunity I sponsored over 70 people and built that team out to nearly 500 people.


I was like a kid in a candy store (for lack of a better analogy)...but it all came crashing down.


It was like trying to spin a bunch of plates on sticks... and I just wasn't prepared for it.  Heck, I had barely learned how to sell things online and I hadn't the slightest clue about what true leadership meant.

At the same time, my primary traffic source for sponsoring people into the Empower Network went away fast and without warning.

I was devestated.

I spent countless hours grinding out on the internet for sometimes 16 hours in a day so I could get more content up, learn more "secrets" and sponsor more people... and after losing most of my content and nearly all of my traffic, I was defeated and ready to quit.

I spun out into a depression because I had to start all over again when I was really ready for a vacation... a long vacation from the computer screen I had spent so much time in front of.

Fortunately, I had enough residual income to carry me through this period... I would have surely found homelessness if it wasn't for that... but I was faced with what to do next.


I felt jaded, like this whole "make money online" thing was not going to work for me... like I was a failure and not a good "leader" and that I should have done this better or that better... I was a mess.


Well after spending a couple of months away from the computer I realized a couple of things that I really had known all along:

  1. I made some mistakes...
  2. I went the wrong way...
  3. I let other people's opinions color my own perception...
  4. I didn't follow ALL of the core commitments I made...
  5. I created a bunch of needless "work" because I didn't believe it was really that easy...
  6. I didn't stay close to the "fire".

It's not easy to admit to someone who's never made a dime online before that not only did I find my path to success... I had it and lost it with the mistakes I made.

Well... you might be that person and you might not... but here I am spilling my story out onto this blog and sharing it with the world because nothing is really what it seems from the outside, is it?

I know this is getting long... really long... and I am truly humbled that you're still reading this... but it's time to wrap it up so I'll say this:


I lost my team... I lost my income... I lost my fire and passion in life and for this business... but while I was knocked down off of my horse for not being the wiser... my lessons have been learned and I am getting back onto my horse and riding it off into the sunset for good this time.

NOTHING is going to stop me from reaching my goal of $30,000 per month in leveraged income and living the life of freedom as I want to... and you better believe it!

No more bull$&*% - No more "shiny object syndrome" - No more "guru" launches - No more selling myself short!!!



We all have unique lessons to learn in life... just remember that your past has NOTHING to do with your future and to go after your dreams with a vengeance.  If you don't, you may find yourself building someone else's dreams instead.

Thank you for reading this post and I really hope it helps you on your journey to success.

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Thanks again and be blessed!